How the show was formed.

The UK Face & Body Art Convention was formed by Rosemary Jones (now Watson; most know her as Rosey). The idea started in 2022, when she felt the UK needed something for professional face painters to attend, learn the latest skills and have a good time. There were jams across the UK, but she wanted something different. Being a determined businesswoman, she planned the first British Convention at the Moat House, Telford, Shropshire, in 2002. The show doors opened in 2003. The Convention was held one day, consisting of 4 traders with 68 Delegates attending and brought over the first International "Olivier Zegers", who sadly passed away a couple of years back. The first show had more numbers than any jam formed.


With so much positive feedback, Rosey organised the second show over two days with a much larger retailers room and 3 International instructors, bringing over the Wolfe Brothers-Brian & Nick Wolfe; sadly, Brian has also passed away and also attended a lovely lady, Melanie Siesdma. She also organised the first Banquet night-themed "Silver Ball", again held at the Moat House, Telford. The third Convention was moved to accommodate more classes at The Great Hay Golf & Country Club, Telford, where it gave room to grow, now with 170 Delegates and needing more conference rooms and bedrooms; this was the show she decided to offer all-inclusive tickets, where a ticket holder can pay one fee and only pay and then only pay for their drinks at the bar when they arrive. Also, where the 4th show took place, the 5th show needed to grow further, and she moved this show to the Aztec Hotel Bristol, where we saw 250 Delegates arrive with the most fantastic team of internationals with names such as Brian & Nick Wolfe, Alex Hansen, Pasur, Mark Reid & more. 


Following this show, Rosey decided to take this back to her home town in Telford, with a few hiccups and stresses with a couple of Internationals had let her down three weeks before the show, which created so much stress and unsure whether to arrange any more shows. This show lost her a great deal of money. This is where she turned these shows around by forming her committee, taking a break for two years, bringing in the show's Sponsorship "Snazaroo", arranging payment plans and more. So, after taking a year off to concentrate on where to take these shows, it went from an annual to a bi-annual show. Then it moved to the west Midlands, where it has been for many years, with two shows in Dudley, one in West Bromwich, three at the Merry Hill and one in Coventry, where our 21st-year show will be held.   She formed a committee team to help with the running of the show. After this show, the UK Face & Body Art Convention grew, seeing ticket holders worldwide, a fantastic banquet night, many classes, a large traders' room & competitions. The 2024 show had just under 400 Delegates. The 2024 show will be the 21st year with 400 delegates; she did not want to lose the personal feel and keep the same amount of Delegates.


Sadly, Rosey will retire after 21 years of running these shows and has sold to another company that will be announced at the banquet night in 2024. This new company will continue Rosey's legacy for the foreseeable future.


Rosey has endured many issues in the early days. She has a disability of hearing impairment from birth. She was embarrassed and tried to hide this away from everyone. When she entered her 40s, she realised there was nothing to be embarrassed about and stopped hiding away from this. She suffered for many years from social anxiety. She was bullied by a group of face painters who created shocking social media bullying to try and put her out of business. She held her head high and carried on. She is now one of the most respected, lovely ladies in our industry who will help anyone; she is a very generous and happy lady in her middle 50s and has her family's support. We have all seen her pull together to help face painters during the Pandemic. During the 2022 show, she was poorly, the months of caring for her terminally ill sister, who moved in so she could care for her and still organise a fantastic show. Her sister sadly passed away ten days after the 2022 show, but she still wore a smile and continued to put on the best performance for all the face painters. We asked, "Was there a time you wanted to just give it all up, especially after the second lockdown" " She said, "No, face painters have gone through so much through the Pandemic. They deserved the show. I owe it to them".  This is one strong lady.


It may end an era for the Convention in losing one of the loveliest ladies in our industry. However, we know she spent months choosing a new buyer who would continue these shows to keep her legacy going.  When we asked her why she was retiring, she answered, "I love to spend more time with my grandchildren, see the world and spend time for me. It's what my sister said before her passing that I don't spend time looking after me". We can say she has definitely earned this.

From all her staff, crew, and sponsors, we all appreciate her hard work for 21 years and are proud to call her a true friend. 

UKFABAC Committee Team 


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